Entering the 22nd century

“When I am 100 years old……will you still be around?”

When Benneth is 100 years old, he will be entering the 22nd century. Benneth is one of the ten study participants of the 2b AHEAD long-term study “The Future of Your Children”. Benneth is going to live in a world which we cannot predict precisely from our perspective today. We cannot say for sure whether you, the other readers, Benneth`s parents or his doctor are still going to be around in the year 2115. But we can research about the future and we can be even better than coincidence. To be better than coincidence is already a lot when entering a complex option space about the next 100 years.


How we can be better than coincidence when we talk about the next 100 years?

We can ask the brightest, most creative, and most powerful minds and decision-makers about their future-ideas and actions that will influence the next 100 years as well as Benneth`s life. We can assemble these expert`s statements and prototype potential action spaces in which these ideas and actions might take place. We can translate these prototypes into concrete scenarios that allow us to feel into times that are in front. This gives us a models on possible futures. Accordingly, we can already talk about possible future scenarios today.

By doing so, we can train ourselves to sense future, we can extend our perspectives, we can inform our decisions and actions  of today which will co-shape the future and Benneth`s life circumstances. We can  use prototype scenarios to discover great potentials for our society as well as we can detect social pain points which we lead us to fruitful discussions.

If we are still going to be around in 100 years?

We cannot say that for sure today. Also this – is already a lot- as we do not say “no”. What we can do is to review ideas, actions and efforts carried out today to stop aging and dead. We find them in biotech companies working on longelivity, neuro-tech worlds that are researching about options for mind-uploads and brain preservation, in companies that offer services for body preservation, bio quantum industries that aim to reanimate dead bodies with stem cells and on platforms where we can train avatars to behave like us- even when we are gone.

We live in an era in which humanity creates technologies with a new goal. It is not the goal to reduce efforts in our labour anymore. It is the goal to make us immortal.

We can discuss this idea and concept. We can ask relevant questions such as: How do we prepare the next generation for these offers? Do we want to live in a world in wich humans are immortal? Do we want a world in which human life can be extended to an unknown length? What do we want to experience in such a long life? Which roles are our bodies going to take in this scenrios? How is age going to affect global distribution of goods and resources? How does such a perspective shape needs, desires and meaning of life? Do we need to turn more social to provide a good life for many humans exceeding the age of 100? How does our generation today need to prepare children for such a vast change in human evolution?

What a 12 year old girl told me…

…when she was confronted with the concept of being able to stop ageing: The 12 year old girl had a strong opinion and stated that society would need a selection panel and paradigm for humans that would be allowed to not age anymore. In her view, just humans that would do something good for the whole society should be allowed to enter this option space. Her idea was, that humans seeking to not age would need to apply for this option and make plans, values and targets transparent to a decision panel.





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