The key topics of the long-term study

Which kind of topics are we going explore especially?

The 2b AHEAD long-term study “The Future of Your Children” aims to illustrate possible futures out of the perspectives of ten children, all born in the year 2015. Many aspects of our complex world will change daily living in the next 100 years.  Which topics are the most relevant ones to start the research about a 100-years ahead future?

To start this amazingly oversized project, we created a first framework containing six key topics of special interest that cut real daily life -today as well as in the future. Therefore, we simply putted the human in the center of everything and chose the most fundamental aspects that are connected with life.

In the first study year we carried out research about possible futures of our BODIES, the futures of LEARNING and the futures of MOBILITY. This year we are going to dive into the futures of RELATIONSHIPS, the futures of PLACES and the futures of PATHS.

As you can imagine, these topics are still extremly big in theirselves. We chose these extremly big topics because we believe we need a starting point that covers nearly everything and still cuts away the obvious non-relevant things. It was hard to decide. In the end, it is about starting and extending continously.

What did we find out so far? Stay tuned…in our latest blog we will present outcomes from the future of our bodies.

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