The future of our bodies

What is going to be the social syntax of a health sustaining society?

Within the next 100 years our bodies might start to turn out as a valuable shell? A valuable shell that revitalizes itself? Are we going to create new species? Are we going to reevaluate the value of length, intensity and meaning of life?

We live in an era in which we put lots of efforts on a process that helps us to overcome healing as an answer to our bodies turning sick. The new idea is to proactively prevent us from turning sick. Moreover, we seem to aim for sustainably young bodies. Forever young! And behind this door there is waiting another door. The door that reaches out to the dream of turning ourselves immortal.

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How is life going to look like in 100 years?


The 2b AHEAD long-term study: The Future of Your Children

What is going to be the next step of human evolution? How are our human bodies going to change in parallel with technologies that promise to slow or prevent aging? If we no longer become ill how is our immune system going to react? Are we going to be able to extend our brains? Who is going to be able to read our minds? Will we hack our emotions and compose new kinds of feelings? Are we going to optmize the human gene code? Are we going to create new species and artificial ecosystems? Will the human body of today still have a place in this scenario? How is the emergence of quantum computers  going to affect our worldview? Are we going to explore new social systems? How is climate change going to change our lives? How are ideas and visions – such as immortality, humans transforming into software, or the race to mars  going to influence our thoughts and decisions?

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Entering the 22nd century

“When I am 100 years old……will you still be around?”

When Benneth is 100 years old, he will be entering the 22nd century. Benneth is one of the ten study participants of the 2b AHEAD long-term study “The Future of Your Children”. Benneth is going to live in a world which we cannot predict precisely from our perspective today. We cannot say for sure whether you, the other readers, Benneth`s parents or his doctor are still going to be around in the year 2115. But we can research about the future and we can be even better than coincidence. To be better than coincidence is already a lot when entering a complex option space about the next 100 years.

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Is quantum computing going to question our worldview?

Theories on time concepts -historic or futuristic- are as old as the terms theirselves. Up-to-date, we all struggle with our human limits to imagine what time – forwards or backwards – actually is, beside of – “.. what a clock reads”.

Quantum physics tackles this problem intensly and brings most of us to the border of what we can understand or imagine. Among our experts, we gained insights on potential steps going to be taken by research in that field in the near future. In our time-line you will find the statement that quantum computers will be commercially available up from the year 2035.

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The key topics of the long-term study

Which kind of topics are we going explore especially?

The 2b AHEAD long-term study “The Future of Your Children” aims to illustrate possible futures out of the perspectives of ten children, all born in the year 2015. Many aspects of our complex world will change daily living in the next 100 years.  Which topics are the most relevant ones to start the research about a 100-years ahead future?

To start this amazingly oversized project, we created a first framework containing six key topics of special interest that cut real daily life -today as well as in the future. Therefore, we simply putted the human in the center of everything and chose the most fundamental aspects that are connected with life.

In the first study year we carried out research about possible futures of our BODIES, the futures of LEARNING and the futures of MOBILITY. This year we are going to dive into the futures of RELATIONSHIPS, the futures of PLACES and the futures of PATHS.

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